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Organizations and Services featured in the Sustainability Video

Alternative Transportation


Bikes are much faster than walking and the most efficient form of alternative transportation.  They can be used as an alternative to driving or riding the bus to campus or solely getting to and from classes once on campus.  There is a borrow a bike program as well as bike leasing if you don’t own a bike.

Bike Fix it Station

There are several Bike Fix it Stations across campus.  These have an air pump and various tools to repair and maintain your bike.  Other helpful hints to keeping your bike in excellent condition and being a safe bike rider can be found at

Aggie Spirit Bus/Bus system

Transportation Services has a fleet of 80 buses providing on and off campus, paratransit and charter services for Texas A&M University.  There are 6 on-campus routes and 10 off-campus routes, all of which are covered by a student transportation fee.  Buses operate at approximately 10 minute intervals from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  After 6 p.m., when rider traffic declines significantly, the buses come once an hour until midnight.  Transportation Services installed a Mentor GPS system that will help them more efficiently schedule buses to accommodate more riders per hour, which translates into less carbon emitted to get each rider from point A to point B.  The reduction of TAMU’s carbon footprint is even more meaningful because the Aggie Spirit buses run primarily off B-20 biodiesel: 20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel.


Longboards are another effective form of alternative transportation.  They are quicker than walking to or around campus.  Longboarding is also a healthy way to exercise.

Facilities Services

AggieWorks is a joint effort of Facilities Services and Utilities and Energy Services to provide students, faculty, and staff with an easy and consistent method of requesting their services.  AggieWorks is a new customer service system that allows you to submit and track a service request.  The request is submitted through the AggieWorks website, then reviewed and assigned to appropriate personnel by the AggieWorks Center staff.  Service requests for maintenance, utilities, custodial, construction and renovation requests may all be submitted through the website.



A record 64% of campus waste was recycled in FY 2012.  There are 4 drop off locations for recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and glass.  There are also solar-powered, three-stream waste and recycling containers.  These recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass.

E-waste Recycling

There are collections for batteries, CDs/DVDs, ink cartridges, laptops, cell phones, mp3 players, cameras, calculators, headphones, cables, DVD players, and flashdrives.

Kyle Field Recycling

Recycling bins for plastic waste have been stationed around the stadium at Kyle Field.  Following each football game, members of certain student organizations collect plastic water bottles.  These efforts have diverted thousands of pounds of waste. 


WBAC (Woodson Black Awareness Committee)

The WBAC provides educational programming, community-building, and enriching experiences that enhance the understanding of the culture and contributions of people of African descent and their impact on society.   The goals of WBAC are to expose all students and campus community members to educational programming related to Black culture, history, heritage, and the events throughout the African diaspora; educate students and campus community members by providing relevant programming, diverse perspectives, and engaging presenters; and explore ideas and issues germane to Black people locally, regionally, and around the world.  This is a socially sustainable organization that fosters respect of people as resources.


Aggie Ally

Allies include staff, faculty, and students at Texas A&M University who have committed to providing a safe space for GLBT individuals.  This can be done by displaying an Ally placard outside their office or residence hall room, interrupting homophobic language, being a moveable safe space, etc.  This placard identifies them as individuals who are willing to provide a safe haven, a listening ear, and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people or anyone dealing with sexual orientation issues.  Allies is an independent campus Committee currently hosted by the Department of Student Life.



There are containers next to the trash and recycling receptacles for composting in the MSC and the Underground.  In these locations, utensils are compostable as well as leftover food scraps.


Water Bottle Filling Stations

This sustainability video showcases the Water Bottle Filling Stations on campus and focuses on the switch from one-time use plastic water bottles to reusable water bottles.  There are many reasons to stop using plastic water bottles and start valuing our water.  Water bottles can cost anywhere from 240 to 10,000 times more than tap water.  At least 40% of bottled water is actually repackaged tap water.  There are more rules in place to ensure tap water is safe than to ensure bottled water is safe.  Switching to reusable bottles also reduces plastic waste.  By using the Water Bottle Filling Stations you can see how many plastic bottles Aggies have diverted from the landfill.  These filling stations are not only convenient and easy to use but also dispense cold, filtered water.


Corps of Cadets

The Corps of Cadets develops well-educated leaders of character who embody the values of Honor, Integrity, Discipline, and Selfless Service, who are highly sought-after and prepared for the global challenges of the 21st Century.  These Corps Values combined with the Aggie Core Values exemplify dedication to a sustainable lifestyle.


Aggie Athletics (Track and Field, Volleyball, and Football)

Texas A&M Athletics is committed to "Building Champions" through academic achievement, athletic excellence and national recognition of student-athletes, teams and programs. Texas A&M's almost 650 student-athletes compete at the NCAA Division 1-A level in 20 varsity sports.  Aggie team building and healthy exercise are key components of a sustainable lifestyle.


Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability works to respect, protect, and preserve all our resources.  We strive to respect, protect, and preserve the financial, environmental, and people resources that make Texas A&M and our community so great, not only for today, but also for future generations of Aggies.  When Aggies commit to a sustainable lifestyle, we bring Texas A&M’s core values to life.


Campus Sustainability Day

Campus Sustainability Day serves as an arena for sustainability awareness and education for the attendees. We want everyone to be effective leaders in their environment, whether that is A&M, Bryan, College Station, or in hometowns. Our goal is to expose, educate, and empower event attendees with the skills that guide them to be a responsible individual in any community they inhabit.

It features over 20 organizations which represent student groups, community partners, and a variety of TAMU departments that have implemented sustainable initiatives. Join us to view the work that departments and organizations are doing while learning about sustainability and picking up a few freebies! 


Sustainability Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

The Office of Sustainability collaborates with campus partners to host a sustainability-themed scavenger hunt that highlights some of the sustainable features of campus.  Participant teams compete to see who can finish the scavenger hunt in the quickest time, while completing a variety of challenges using a smartphone app called SCVNGR (scavenger).  The top three teams receive prizes such as Apple TV and CamelBak® products.


Sustainability Cam

The Sustainability Cam is an activity where the Office of Sustainability interns find and commend students, faculty, or staff performing sustainable actions on campus.  The interns ask for permission to take their picture and upload it our Facebook page.   This is a great way to outreach to individuals, to spread our message, and to recognize individuals who are being sustainable.


World Med

WorldMed's mission is to coordinate health outreach opportunities for students at Texas A&M, both within the United States and abroad. Offered trips will be conducted through health or internationally related student organizations at Texas A&M, as well as independent organizations outside of the university and local doctors who perform their own medical outreach trips. Programs hosted throughout the year will provide educational resources and first-hand accounts of people's experiences in global health outreach, which will further prepare the students to participate in their own trips. WorldMed will also host a variety of local community service projects and programs that will serve to promote awareness of global health issues.


One Love

We are a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to finding and showing others the beauty in life every day through loving others, yourself, and the world around you.  We put on events and programs that enhance the overall wellness and satisfaction of life as well as help people learn to care for and respect the world we live in.  We want to help people weave a common thread of love throughout all aspects of their life.



The Big Event

The Big Event provides the students of Texas A&M University with the opportunity to say “Thank You” to the community of Bryan/College Station for their continued support throughout the years.  This past year, over 17,500 students volunteered to complete almost 1,650 jobs, performing tasks that range from painting, to yard work, and to cleaning.  Already the largest one-day, student-run service project in the nation, The Big Event has expanded to 75 other schools across the nation.  The Big Event Committee is responsible for planning and organizing all events surrounding this day, allowing students to work with residents in their community.


SSC Service Solutions

In the markets we serve, we will be recognized as the premier provider of the best quality, customer-focused support services. We specialize in Custodial & Campus Services, Plant Operations & Maintenance, and Grounds Management. Our goal is to provide you with the highest standard of customer service and measurable, consistent quality. We work with you in creating a flexible, customizable, and cost-effective approach that meets your goals and fits your budget.

Tree Campus USA

The Tree Campus USA program, sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation and administered locally by Texas Forest Service, recognizes college and university campuses that effectively manage their campus trees, connect with the community beyond campus borders in an effort to foster healthy urban forests and strive to engage their student population in service learning forestry projects.  Texas A&M University is a “Tree Campus USA” honoree for the third year in a row.


Utilities and Energy Services-Energy Stewards

Our vision is to be a world class leader in the production, delivery, and management of utilities and energy services, fostering a culture of excellence in support of the vision and mission of Texas A&M University.  Our mission is to provide world class service through the production, delivery, and management of safe, reliable, and efficient utility and energy systems, effectively stewarding university resources and the environment.


The Wells Project

The Wells Project is a branch of Living Water International at Texas A&M University and in the Bryan/College Station community. We exist to change lives at Texas A&M and across the world through clean water as an exercise of our faith in Jesus Christ.


H.E.A.T. (Human Environmental Animal Team)

The Human Environmental Animal Team is committed to making a difference in all areas of service. Our foundation on the three pillars of human welfare, environmental conservation, and animal care shows our desire to be as flexible as possible in assisting our community. We will bring a positive approach to any organization that aligns itself with our values, as we hope to collaborate and assist any and all groups that support our varied causes. H.E.A.T. will champion diversity, opening our arms to anyone interested in helping our campus and our community.


EIC (Environmental Issues Committee)

We pride ourselves on initiating and supporting programs that enhance environmental education reduce human impact on the environment and promote sustainable community involvement.   We actively strive to provide and support sound environmental legislation on and off campus, in order to improve quality of life.


Transportation Services

Transportation Services is an empowered team of professionals dedicated to providing efficient, dynamic and innovative fleet, parking and transit services to the community. We support the teaching, research and public service mission of Texas A&M University, with focus on customer service and communication. Our vision is to be the premier transportation services provider in the nation.


Aggie Green Fund

The Aggie Green Fund is a fund that empowers our campus to take action and bring about novel and creative sustainability initiatives to the Texas A&M University campus.  The Aggie Green Fund will fund projects that increase sustainability at Texas A&M.


Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Department provides services that promote a healthy and safe environment for the university community. These services are designed to assist Texas A&M University in achieving its teaching, research, and service objectives with effective, efficient, and safe operations and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and standards.


Project Sunshine

The purpose of Project Sunshine at Texas A&M University is to provide free programs and services to children with long-term illnesses, disabilities, and special needs in the Brazos Valley area. Project Sunshine members volunteer to provide fun activities for the children and support for their families. Our main goal is to provide friendship while bringing a smile to the kids' faces.


Brazos Valley Recycling

Brazos Valley Recycling’s goal is to provide waste diversion services that benefit our customers and positively impact our environment. BVR works with state regulatory agencies to make certain compliance of all environmental protection guidelines are followed. We are continually striving to initiate innovative sustainability as an alternative to conventional disposal. Currently, BVR provides a wide array of waste removal, recycling, disposal, and transportation services. BVR currently recycles the following items: cardboard, paperboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, metal, glass, wood, concrete, brick, block, food waste, liquid waste, yard waste, and manure. We also have a recycling drop off location which is open to the public and is located on west campus at Texas A&M University.


Earth Sciences

The geosciences study Earth and the people who inhabit it by investigating how land, atmosphere, oceans and human cultures interact.  Geoscientists investigate the forces that shape the past present and future of our planet.  These changes and how humans impact the Earth directly relates to how each of us can be more sustainable.


Social Sciences

Todd C. Couch

Statement of Teaching


My main goal in teaching can be summarized into three areas: First, I expect my students to master the basic concepts and skills fundamental to understanding sociology, criminology, and racial and ethnic studies. Second, I motivate students to think about problems and start pursuing answers to real-world and work-relevant questions. Lastly, I want to help them become independent, analytical, and creative problem solvers who can think critically, holistically, and apply information to new challenges.


In keeping with my belief that learning should be an engaging process, I construct my classes into a combination of formal lecture, engaging class discussions of current events and relevant problems, and group work. While I have found that group work is something some students do not enjoy, it instills in them to learn how to work with others who are different than them, who they may not like, and with those who do not do their part. Group work also prepares students for their future careers, many of which require working with others, particularly in conditions that they may not like. Moreover, I am dedicated to the use of technology (PowerPoint, videos, graphics, and animation) in the classroom so that students are exposed to a multitude of teaching techniques; thus different types of learning styles have been accommodated.

While in the classroom, I continuously attempt to find a balance between theoretical and applied social science topics. However, theory is a core part of any course I teach because it is exactly how we think about our world and the people within it. Because theory is often abstract, writing assignments and group activities are a central focus in my classes. In turn, writing assignments and group work assist in students making connections between the theoretical and the applied, as well as assists in their research, organizational, and writing skills. These skills are valuable not only to my class, but are also valuable to the students’ other classes and future careers. Furthermore, often times students are expected to ‘just know’ how to write while, in fact, many have never been properly taught. In effect, I believe in working continuously with students throughout the semester, not to hold their hand, but to ensure that they understand the assignment and are progressing satisfactorily. I implement this by not just having students turn in an ‘end of the semester term paper,’ but by having them completing portions of it throughout the semester to gauge their progress.


I believe that high-quality instruction is more than talking and students do not learn by only listening. Thus, I strive to have a more active learning environment that challenges students with relevant real world problems and ample opportunity for practice. This approach promotes meaningful learning and I have applied it to courses with as few as twenty-five students as well as those with over one hundred students. Moreover, I have found that motivation for learning is improved when students value how they are applying information, and I feel that people master their learning when they are able to apply new concepts to a new scenario.


Aggie Band

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is nationally known for its precision military marching formations on the football gridiron and is the largest military marching band in the nation.  This 300+ member, Corps of Cadets unit is the official marching band of Texas A&M University.  The Aggie Band displays the Aggie Core Values, which are brought to life by living a sustainable lifestyle.


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