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Abridged Video Transcript

Includes audio transcripts and minimal scene descriptions.

Opening shot shows, Kelly Wellman ‘95, Sustainability Officer, Office of Sustainability, Texas A&M University standing next to the Century Tree on the Texas A&M University campus speaking to the camera.

KELLY: Howdy, I’m Kelly Wellman, class of ’95, and Sustainability Officer at Texas A&M University where we work to respect, protect and preserve the financial, environmental, and people resources that make Texas A&M and our community so great not only for today but also for future generations of Aggies. A sustainable society is about people working together to improve the lives of as many as possible. And when Aggies commit to a sustainable lifestyle, we bring Texas A&M’s core values to life. I hope you enjoy this video our interns created highlighting a few of the ways Texas A&M is working to be sustainable. Thanks and Gig’em.

As her image fades, the music begins. The camera follows a disposable water bottle that is accidentally dropped on campus by a student (Will Guzman, Student, Texas A&M University). As the water bottle travels around campus, the video highlights many student groups and campus departments who support and advocate sustainability in a variety of forms. Additionally it highlights many of the sustainable activities our campus community is engaged in.

Once the water bottle is recycled, the student who accidentally dropped the bottle realizes it is missing and goes to replace it. He is stopped by a fellow student (De’Vante Harris, Student and Defensive Back for the Aggie Football Team, Texas A&M University) who suggests he use a reusable water bottle to take advantage of the many filtered water bottle filling stations across campus.

DE’VANTE: Whoa, whoa, dude. Dude, disposable is not cool. Instead reduce your consumption. Start with this bottle. You can get free filtered water across campus.

WILL: Wow, thanks De’Vante, from now on I will respect, protect and preserve by living sustainably.

DE’VANTE: Gig’em.

WILL: Gig’em.

Next Ben Kalscheur, Sustainability Assistant Manager, Office of Sustainability, Texas A&M University is standing next to the Century Tree on the Texas A&M University campus speaking to the camera.

BEN: Howdy, Ags! Did you catch all of the sustainable things happening along the way? The biggest takeaway is that the collective problems we face locally and globally can be solved but only if we put aside our differences and work together. By celebrating what unites us, we can create a sustainable world where everyone feels valued and included; where every decision we make is made with an eye toward the future. So start saving our world right here, right now, by taking our sustainability pledge at Then stay in the know by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. We need each and every one of you to start living sustainably so we can bring the Aggie Core Values to life.

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