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Sustainability Champion Awards

In 2017, the Office of Sustainability hosted the inaugural Sustainability Awards at the Annual Sustainability Breakfast.

The purpose of the Sustainability Champion Awards is to recognize and reward individuals - a student, a faculty member, and a staff member - who have demonstrated exemplary effort, dedication, and leadership throughout the year in fostering a campus culture of sustainability.


The Sustainability Champion Awards are open to undergraduate and graduate students studying at Texas A&M University College Station with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and to faculty and staff employed by Texas A&M University College Station with a minimum of one year of TAMU service. The nomination category chosen for faculty with joint appointments must correspond to the role in which they undertook their sustainable action(s)/project(s). Nominees must not have been the recipient of the Sustainability Champion Award within the previous two years. The award does not apply to Texas A&M University Branch Campus, System schools, or affiliated agencies. 

Nominees must have demonstrated excellence and commitment to making Aggieland more environmentally, economically, and/or socially sustainable. A variety of projects and actions are eligible, with examples including but not limited to the following: develop a sustainability project to improve campus; educate peers on sustainability issues; host a sustainability outreach event or initiative; incorporate sustainability into an organization; conduct research on pressing sustainability issues; incorporate sustainability into curriculum and teaching; or work to make Aggieland more inclusive, diverse, and socially just.

Nomination Process

Please complete the nomination form. Send all nomination components in one email with the subject line ‚ÄúSustainability Champion Nomination‚ÄĚ to:

Award Selection Process

An anonymous committee of individuals with knowledge of sustainability efforts at Texas A&M University will make the selections.

Using a specific scoring matrix, the committee will review and score the nomination packets. Members of the selection committee shall be ineligible for nomination in any award category during their term of service. Selection committee members should not submit nominations or provide letters of support for nominations while serving on the committee.

2021 Sustainability Champions

  • Student - Rhian Murphy, Psychology
  • Faculty - Marcia Montague, Ph.D., Department of Educational Psychology
  • Staff - Jeanne Prestwood, Department of Electrical and Computrer Engineering
  • Team - ENGL 201 Open Educational Resources (OER) Team
    • English Department affiliates: Claire Carly-Miles, PhD; James Francis, Phd; Dr. Nicole Hagstrom-Schmidt, PhD; Matt McKinney, PhD; Kalani Pattison, PhD; Gia Alexander; Kimberly Clough
    • University Libraries affiliates: Kathy Anders, PhD and Sarah LeMire

2020 Sustainability Champions

  • Undergraduate Student - Yadira Hernandez, Chartwells
  • Graduate Student - Rishabh Singla, SKY@TAMU
  • Faculty - Sarah Gaston, Ph.D., Department of Sociology
  • Staff - Cheryl Cato, Division of Information Technology

2019 Sustainability Champions

  • Undergraduate Student - Briana Moreno-Maldonado, Aggie Eco-Reps
  • Graduate Student - Kristianna Bowles, Department of Residence Life
  • Faculty - Asha Rao, Ph.D., Department of Biology
  • Staff - Ron Steedly, Transportation Services

2018 Sustainability Champions

  • Student - Michelle Alvarez, Aggie Eco-Reps
  • Faculty - Natalie Johnson, Ph.D., Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Staff - Carol Binzer, Ph.D., Department of Residence Life

2017 Sustainability Champions

  • Student - Brian Christensen, Bioenvironmental Science Major
  • Faculty - Jayme Walenta, Ph.D., Department of Geography
  • Staff - Lilia Gonzales, Office of the University Architect
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