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Full Video Transcript

Includes audio transcripts, scene descriptions, and credits.

Opening shot shows, Kelly Wellman ‘95, Sustainability Officer, Office of Sustainability, Texas A&M University standing next to the Century Tree on the Texas A&M University campus speaking to the camera. Her name appears on the screen.

Kelly: Howdy, I’m Kelly Wellman, class of ’95, and Sustainability Officer at Texas A&M University where we work to respect, protect and preserve the financial, environmental, and people resources that make Texas A&M and our community so great not only for today but also for future generations of Aggies.

As she speaks, the words “Respect, Protect, and Preserve” appear then disappear from the screen. A Venn Diagram showing three different colored circles labeled as “Environment, Justice, and Economic Growth” appear in the upper right corner. Where the circles overlap is labeled “Sustainable Society.” As she continues to speak, her image fades and is replaced with many images taken on campus of students engaged in sustainable acts. The first shows several students in front of a banner advocating the end of slavery. The second image is of hands holding a globe. The third image is shown in split screen; the left image is of a cadet from the Corps of Cadets standing next to a sign for the Corps Sustainability Challenge, and the right image is of a student holding up a sign that reads, “Hate is not an Aggie value.”

Kelly: A sustainable society is about people working together to improve the lives of as many as possible. And when Aggies commit to a sustainable lifestyle, we bring Texas A&M’s core values to life.

The image fades and is replaced with the image of Kelly Wellman standing in front of the Century Tree speaking to the camera.

Kelly: I hope you enjoy this video our interns created highlighting a few of the ways Texas A&M is working to be sustainable. Thanks and Gig’em.

As her image fades, the scene shows a Texas A&M University Transit Bus arriving on campus. Several students exit the bus. A group of four students walks toward the camera. One of the students, Will Guzman, is holding a disposable water bottle in his hand. As he says goodbye to his friends, Will attempts to place the disposable water bottle into his backpack but misses. The bottle falls to the ground.

Music begins.

Will walks away not knowing he has dropped the bottle. A campus vehicle driven by a Facilities Services staff member drives by.

Four cadets are seen walking to the spot where the water bottle was dropped as busses continue to arrive and depart. The cadets notice the water bottle. One of them leans down to pick it up as the rest shake their heads. The cadet carries the bottle as they walk away. A short while later, the cadet hands the bottle to a track team sprinter. The sprinter runs across campus and passes the bottle off to a student on a skate board. The student carries the bottle while skating across campus. The student then hands off the bottle to another student on a long board who carries the bottle through campus while doing tricks. As he does, he passes several student and campus organizations. The members of these groups are seen cheering, pointing and waving to the camera.

The first is the Office of Sustainability. The logo and the words “Respect, Protect, and Preserve” appear in the upper portion of the screen. Moments later the words “Environmental, Social, and Financial Resources” appear on the bottom portion of the screen.

Next he passes a group of four students wearing green and holding up a display. The words “World Med” appear on the screen along with a globe and a red cross.

Next he passes a group of five students wearing pink and yellow shirts. The words “One Love” appear on screen.

He passes two students wearing white shirts as the logo for the Big Event appears on screen. The logo expands to the full screen and then contracts to reveal the skater again.

This time he passes several crew members from Landscape Services displaying the “Tree Campus USA” banner as the logo of SSC Service Solution appears on screen. Two animated trees grow on either side of the landscape crew.

Next he passes two Smart Cars and several staff members from Utilities & Energy Services. The words, “Utilities & Energy Services” appear at the top of the screen as the words “Energy Stewards” appear at the bottom.

Next he passes several students holding up banners. As he skates by, the names or logos appear on the screen for each organization. The words “The Wells Project, Drink Water, Give Life” appear on screen. Then the words, “Human Environment Animal Team” configured into a logo appear followed by the logo for the Environmental Issues Committee.

He then passes several staff members holding a banner for Transportation Services standing next to one of their vehicles and an Electric Standup Vehicle as their logo appears on screen.

Two students are seen on bikes as the Maroon Bikes logo appears. Followed by a single student holding a sign for the Aggie Green Fund as their logo appears on screen.

Next the student skates by staff members from the Environmental Health & Safety office as their logo appears on screen.

Then he passes several students holding a banner as a smiling sun and the words Project Sunshine appear on screen.

He also passes several people holding a banner as the Brazos Valley Recycling Logo appears on screen. As he skates away, he hands the bottle off to a young lady holding a football.

She attaches the bottle to a football as the words “Aggie Ally” appear on the screen. She hands off the football to a professor who bobs and weaves down the sidewalk as a globe and the words “Earth Sciences” appear. He passes the football to another professor as the words “Social Sciences” appear on screen. He tosses the football to a young lady who catches the ball and immediately passes it off again. As she does, the logo for the Carter G. Woodson Black Awareness Committee follows the arc of the football. It is caught by a member of the track team. He jogs the ball and the bottle across campus where he hands the bottle off to several cadets. The cadets enter the Memorial Student Center. After eating their meal, they are seen placing their compost into a compostable bin and exiting the building.

They toss the bottle to a young lady getting on a bicycle. She is seen carrying the bottle as she rides across campus to the student housing area on the north side of campus. As she rides, she passes a bicycle repair station located on campus. When she arrives at the residence hall, she throws the bottle to one volleyball player who sets the bottle so that another volleyball player can spike it into a large recycling bin.

The video switches to Kyle Field where the football team and a large crowd are celebrating a touchdown.

Next the scene shifts to Will, the student who dropped the disposable water bottle, entering a building. He realizes he has lost his bottle and starts for the vending machines.

The music fades.

As he approaches the vending machines, a football player, De’Vante Harris, a Student and Defensive Back for the Texas A&M University Football Team, stops the young man.

DE’VANTE: Whoa, whoa, dude. Dude, disposable is not cool. Instead reduce your consumption. Start with this bottle. You can get free filtered water across campus.

As they talk, De’Vante leads Will to a water bottle filling station and hands him a reusable water bottle.

WILL: Wow, thanks De’Vante, from now on I will respect, protect and preserve by living sustainably.

DE’VANTE: Gig’em.

WILL: Gig’em.

As Will fills the reusable bottle; the scene fades to black. Next Ben Kalscheur, Sustainability Assistant Manager, Office Of Sustainability, Texas A&M University is standing next to the Century Tree on the Texas A&M University campus speaking to the camera. As he speaks, an image of a button that reads, “I pledged to respect, protect, and preserve” and has the Sustainability logo appears on screen along with the web address

Ben: Howdy, Ags! Did you catch all of the sustainable things happening along the way? The biggest takeaway is that the collective problems we face locally and globally can be solved but only if we put aside our differences and work together. By celebrating what unites us, we can create a sustainable world where everyone feels valued and included; where every decision we make is made with an eye toward the future. So start saving our world right here, right now, by taking our sustainability pledge at

Then the logos for both Facebook: Texas A&M Sustainability and Twitter @SustainableTAMU appear onscreen on either side of Ben as he talks.

Ben: Then stay in the know by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. We need each and every one of you to start living sustainably so we can bring the Aggie Core Values to life.

Then the credits roll:

Brought to you by

Texas A&M’s Office of Sustainability


Executive producers

Ben Kalscheur

Kelly Wellman


Director and Editor

Cam Bartzen


Story by

Cam Bartzen

Ashlea Gutierrez

Ben Kalscheur

Alvin Lira

Camille Manning

Miranda Reinhard


Written by

Ben Kalscheur


Music Created by

David Needham



(In order of appearance)

Bus Driver: Randy Walker

Bus Passengers:

Jacob Alpuerto

Cristina Crispin

Adrian Gomez

Jahanzeb Khalid

Caitlyn McIntosh

Bottle Dropper: Will Guzman

Corps of Cadets:

Tucker Hickson

Justin Ragland

Bryce Ramirez

Michael Venesky

First Runner: CJ Brown

Second Runner: Austin Geerts

First Longboarder: Dylan Ray

Second Longboarder: Emory Fesel

Organizations and Offices:

Office of Sustainability

World Med

1 Love

The Big Event

SSC Service Solutions

Utilities and Energy Services

The Wells Project

Human Environment and Animal Team

Environmental Issues Committee

Transportation Services

Maroon Bikes

Aggie Green Fund

Environmental Health and Safety

Project Sunshine

Brazos Valley Recycling

Aggie Ally: Michelle Gardner

Earth Sciences Rep: Will Heyman

Social Sciences Rep: Todd Couch

Carter G. Woodson Black Awareness Committee (WBAC): Staci Keys

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band Members:

Colton Beall

Caelan Cheshire

Justin Newman

Stephen Sharp

Aggie Cyclist: Aurelie Collee

Aggie Volleyball Players:

Ashley Vranna

Heather Reynolds

Aggie Football Player:

De’Vante Harris







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