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  1. Define your “office”: We define an office as any work areas (administrative, academic, or service) occupied by two or more individuals that share the same resources. An office is not restricted by titles of departments or divisions. Offices space should include kitchens, conference rooms, computer labs, classrooms and other shared work space.
  2. Offices wishing to be certified must first submit an application and employee signature sheet allowing and acknowledging the participation in the Sustainable Office Certification program and a once per year office audit.
  3. Once the office has designated an office liaison and/or created a sustainability team to be the correspondent between your office and the Office of Sustainability, use the checklist to your current practices and determine your initial score. This self-assessment should be completed as objectively and accurately as possible. 
  4. To streamline the SOC audit process, the office liaison or sustainability team is asked to complete and submit their checklist for review by the Office of Sustainability. Office interns will then conduct an audit to confirm your office score.
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