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Texas A&M University Sustainability Pledge

What is the purpose of the pledge?

  • The purpose of the Pledge is to put Texas A&M’s commitment to forward thinking into action.  By respecting, protecting, and preserving our resources we ensure future generations of Aggies have the same opportunities we have today.
  • To reduce our impact on the environment and society we need both institutional action (i.e. The Sustainability Master Plan) and individual action.  By committing to the Pledge students, faculty, staff, former students, and the Brazos Valley community can join forces with the University in our efforts to make A&M sustainable for all the Aggies to come.
  • The pledge is the first step individuals can take to live more sustainably.  It is tangible, pragmatic, practical, and allows Aggies to make a long-lasting and positive impact on the world around them.

Why is it important to me?

  • Part of being an Aggie is looking toward the future.  By taking the pledge and committing to reduce your impact on the environment and society you can join fellow Aggies who have decided to respect, protect, and preserve our resources so we can continue to serve the greater good of today, for tomorrow.
  • Aggies exemplify excellence by setting the standard for living a more sustainable lifestyle.  By committing to live a more sustainable lifestyle we demonstrate our leadership, integrity, and forward thinking.
  • We are the Aggies, the Aggies are we…two of our most cherished values are respect and loyalty.  By taking the pledge you exemplify respect for the resources that make A&M so great, respect and loyalty to future Aggies by protecting and preserving our resources for them, and loyalty to our University’s mission to develop leaders of character who serve the greater good for generations to come. 

What benefits do I get by taking the pledge?

  • You get to put the Aggie core values into action.
  • You get to make a difference by being selfless, because you consider the long-term consequences of your actions, not just the immediate personal gains.
  • Living more sustainably makes financial sense because it saves you and Texas A&M money.
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