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Sustainable Office Certification

Sustainable Office Certification Process

The Sustainable Office Certification is a new program being implemented by the Office of Sustainability. The certification program’s goal is to help make Texas A&M’s faculty and staff more aware of sustainable practices that can be easily incorporated into everyday life, while collectively reducing the consumption of TAMU. Each office that participates in the SOC will have the opportunity to fulfill qualifications ranging from easy tasks to more in depth responsibilities and be rewarded with a Sustainability Certificate at the appropriate level. Office audits will take place once a year, by our student volunteers. Any office that is willing to participate can submit an application form.

Texas A&M University defines sustainability as the efficient, deliberate and responsible preservation of environmental, social, and economic resources to protect our earth for future generations of Texas Aggies, the Texas A&M University community and beyond.  The environmental and economic aspects of sustainability are generally well represented and accepted, but the social component of sustainability is often overlooked.  To avert this problem, we have added a social section to the SOC that highlights the importance of making every Aggie and every person feel included and valued on our campus. By including social sustainability in the checklist we can begin to dispel stereotypes and tear down the walls that often separate people from different backgrounds. By doing this we can create a more socially equitable campus.

Not only have we included social sustainability on the checklist for points but we have based our reward system around social sustainability to stress its importance. We have selected a rating system of "stars" because precious metals can be associated with unsustainable practices. Learn more about why we chose "stars" click here.

Below is a snapshot of the types of actions your office can take to become more sustainable.


A graphic depiction of some of some of the categories and items or tasks used to complete the Sustainable Office Certification.

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