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Texas A&M University Transportation Services Sustainable Policies:

  1. Lights off in garages during summer months
  2. Reduced bus routes - focus on efficiencies
  3. Reduced bus fleet - sold older, less efficient buses
  4. Reduced fleet vehicles - retiring older, less efficient vehicles
  5. Photocell lighting used on exterior of all garages
  6. Replaced lights in automotive shop with more efficient fixtures
  7. Photocell lighting used at the fuel island
  8. Fuel island offers biodiesel (B20) and have dedicated one 12,000 gallon underground storage tank for biodiesel storage
  9. Preventive Maintenance schedules have increased to 3 per year instead of twice a year
  10. Signs have been posted at the fuel center with helpful tips encouraging customers to conserve fuel
  11. Conservation tips have been posted on our website
  12. A brochure has been produced regarding fuel conservation and is included with each fleet rental agreement
  13. We continue to communicate our efforts with Communication Representative from Energy Conservation Committee and offer assistance where needed with University-wide conservation efforts
  14. We are aggressively researching alternative fuel sources such as biodiesel
  15. We continue to research different blends of biodiesel (B99, B50 & B20) to determine the best blend to use
  16. We continue testing biodiesel blend B20 in 55 buses
  17. Bid proposal for biodiesel has been reviewed by Purchasing. Biofuels vendor Brenco Marketing has been selected.
  18. Test drove a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid and then added it to our fleet.
  19. Utilized B50 biodiesel blend during the summer months

The following procedures and communication efforts are proposed for immediate action:

  1. Continue to replace lighting with more efficient fixtures at the heavy equipment shop
  2. Continue to investigate use of hybrid vehicles in the fleet
  3. Research the effects of using B20 during the winter months
  4. Research fuel additives to reduce gelling during the winter months
  5. Research using lower blends of biodiesel (B10) during the winter months
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