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Sus.tain’a.bil’i.ty n.

The ability to meet the needs of the present while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems and without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Texas A&M University defines sustainability as the efficient, deliberate and responsible preservation of environmental, social and economic resources to protect our earth for future generations of Texas Aggies, the Texas A&M University community and beyond.

Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions

We are accepting nominations for Staff, Faculty & Student Sustainability Champions. Nominations are due November 20th. The purpose of the Sustainability Champion Awards is to recognize and reward individuals - a student, a faculty member, and a staff member - who have demonstrated exemplary effort, dedication, and leadership throughout the year in fostering a campus culture of sustainability.

Click here to learn more about the Champion Award's nomination process and past champions. 

Virtual Campus Sustainability Month

Virtual Campus Sustainability Month - October 2020

It’s still 2020, so that means Campus Sustainability Month at Texas A&M is virtual all October! The Office of Sustainability has partnered with campuses across Texas and the Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRACS) to bring Virtual Campus Sustainability Month directly to your screens! You can see our virtual programming list by clicking the image above. 

Join the Office of Sustainability interns, campus stakeholders, faculty, and state partners at live Zoom presentations to enhance your sustainability knowledge. 

Welcome to the TAMU Office of Sustainability

From its inception as a land-grant institution in 1876 to the additional sea-grant and space-grant designations, Texas A&M University has been a leader in research and education for how we interact with - and impact - our environment.  In March 2008, The Office of Sustainability was founded to enhance these efforts by creating a culture of sustainability in Aggieland.

We work to respect, protect, and preserve the financial, environmental, and people resources that make Texas A&M and our community so great, not only for today, but also for future generations of Aggies.  When Aggies commit to a sustainable lifestyle, we bring Texas A&M's core values to life.

Make sustainability an Aggie Tradition! Look for ways you can think globally, act locally, and shape our future.

If you have questions, suggestions, or would like to schedule a presentation, please email

2018 Sustainability Master Plan

Texas A&M University is pleased to launch the 2018 Sustainability Master Plan. This comprehensive plan will guide our efforts and renews our commitment to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the campus and local community about the importance of sustainability. We will accomplish this by promoting sustainable practices both on and off campus in academic and non-academic settings, providing resources and support for people who wish to incorporate sustainable practices into their work and life, and advocating for sustainable programs and initiatives.

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