Sustainability Master Plan

The cover of the 2018 Sustainability Master Plan.Texas A&M University launched the Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) in October 2018. It was built on two critical foundations: the 2010 Sustainability Master Plan (2010 SMP) and the 2017 Campus Master Plan (2017 CMP).

The nine themes addressed in the SMP build directly from work developed in the 2017 CMP through the Office of the University Architect and align with other institutional planning efforts, including Vision 2020, the 2010 Diversity Plan, and the 2017 Utilities & Energy Services Master Plan. Collectively these documents speak with one cohesive voice to advance Texas A&M University and its endeavors.

Ayers Saint Gross led the development of the SMP. The plan creation was guided by the Office of Sustainability & Campus Enrichment with input from the Sustainability Advisory Council, along with contributions from four working groups that drew participants from a wide array of campus stakeholders, open houses to capture broader campus engagement, and numerous meetings with student, faculty, and staff organizations. The four working groups were Physical Environment, Waste Management, Institutional Effort, and Social Sustainability.

The process ultimately resulted in 16 evergreen goals that are expected to align with Texas A&M University’s sustainability goals in perpetuity, 47 measurable targets with defined timelines, and identification of stakeholders who will be responsible for both leading and supporting the efforts defined in the SMP.