Interested in infusing sustainability into your academic experience at Texas A&M University? Our University offers a variety of courses, degrees, minors, certificates, and institutes to help build robust sustainability knowledge for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, Texas A&M faculty engage in a variety of research projects to transform the world toward a more sustainable future that is fearless on every front.

Undergraduate Degrees:

Graduate Degrees:





Every three years, the Office of Sustainability & Campus Enrichment reviews 10,000+ syllabi to identify the courses taught at TAMU that focus on or teach a component of sustainability. Our most recent inventory covers courses offered at TAMU-College Station between Summer 2019 and Spring 2020. All undergraduate courses are included in the review. Graduate courses that submitted an electronic syllabus are also included. Syllabi from previous reviews that are not considered sustainability focused or included are removed from the current comprehensive review.

Review the 2020 STARS Academic and Department Course Inventory.


Every three years, the Office of Sustainability & Campus Enrichment reviews the sponsored research conducted by TAMU faculty to determine the amount of sustainability research occurring. Our most recent review covers 2019-2022. Results indicate that ~51% of TAMU researchers and ~72% of TAMU departments are engaged in sustainability research.

Review the STARS 2022 Research Inventory.